Sunday, November 14, 2010

Narrowing Down the 6

I spent this Sunday morning trying to figure out how to look cute for a month, using 6 pieces of clothing.  I am stumped. 

Previous participants and many people who have signed up for the next round have settled for a color uniform of black and white, or neutral colors.  I am not a neutral person.  Orange makes me happy.  Turquoise is one of my favorite colors.  Emerald green is gorgeous.  Strong colors look best on me, and I'd rather die than wear beige.  Black is always beautiful, but I don't want to feel like I'm going to a funeral for a month. How do I choose??? 

Assuming that this challenge will begin in December, how can I manage to create a 6-piece wardrobe that is festive, travel friendly, and good for multi-weather situations?  We're just entering summertime here in South America, so I want something comfortable and light that I can also layer to keep me from freezing in air-conditioned restaurants and movie theaters in Buenos Aires.   However, layering these pieces really won't give me enough protection against the elements, should our Christmas holiday road trip take us to Calafate to see the famous Perrito Moreno, the Argentine glacier, for example, where temperatures vary currently between 2 and 20 degrees celsius. I will freeze my balls off.  Two layered sundresses and a pair of jeans isn't going to cut it there, even with a thick jacket, and adding a thick sweater to my pile of everyday-wear will prevent me from including something I really need and want to have for the whole month, like a colorful t-shirt.  A puzzlement indeed. 

The good thing is that I can accessorize to my hearts content.  I have my trusty multi-colored orange scarf I always manage to bring with me on trips to use as a cover-up, shawl, or scarf, and I've already set aside a bunch of colorful baubles and funky belts to jazz things up.  Looking at this selection made me think that I could probably recycle or regift many of the accessories I've accumulated.  But...I'll think about tomorrow.


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