Saturday, November 20, 2010

Discovering My Style with

I checked out after I read about it on the Six Items or Less Collective, and I blogged about my experience on The Great American Apparel Diet today. Check it:

Have I Entered A Danger Zone with

Overall, I think it's an excellent website, and I learned a thing or two about how my style has evolved. In my teens and 20's, I was pretty much into anything colorful. In my 30's, anything affordable, really, especially vintage. Now, in my 40's, whcn I can afford to shop, I'm thinking more higher end pieces that'll last, and vintage sillhouettes that will stand the test of time and style. The cool thing about this site is that you can choose the styles that you are most fond of, and they cull items from across the web universe for you to check out and buy.

Of course, I didn't buy. I'm sticking to my committment to not purchase anything for a year, but that doesn't mean I can't look, right? right? And a little shopping planning can only do me good when I'm finally allowed to make purchases. I'll know exactly what I'm looking for, so I don't go off on a tangent and buy something ruffled and pastel-colored when I'm having a bad hair day and PMS-ing. So, for right now, I'm into wrap-dresses (faux or real), easy shift dresses, and architectural pieces that fit my "casual chic, edgy" style blend. I discovered that I'm not into Ralph Lauren, Bebe, or French Connection--styles that I dug in my 30's.  I've also discovered that I've fallen in love with Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors, Alexander Wang, and Matthew Williamson. Clean, funky, structural.  Good to know! The fact that the could define the styles that work for me is a relief since I tend to have fashion ADD. The questionnaire they ask you to complete for your profile forces you to think about the colors and sillhouettes that you like and that work for you (I think Boutiques is most helpful when you already know what works with your body type), so everything they pull fits into that profile.

This was an excellent find, and I'll probably be adjusting and refining my style throughout this clothing regime challenge. When I'm ready, I'll be more focused when I shop to update my wardrobe!


  1. The thing is, I've always had a "style," but I've had to leave it behind in Los Angeles. Here in Buenos Aires I don't want to look like a foreigner or attract any attention at all on the street. So I leave the colorful, stylish things I've been wearing forever, in my closet (they've lived in 4 countries) and wear the same things every day as I go about my errands and business.

    It's only in the milonga that I want to shine!

  2. Cherie! You ALWAYS look great in your pictures, girl! I had my beige, anti-vintage period when I first moved here in my attempt to fit in. Now I'm saying, "F&*k it!" Life is too short, and besides, I've always hated beige and other "classic" colors because they wash me out. So, wearing my pieces during the day and in the milongas.