Wednesday, November 17, 2010

First Blog Post on The Great American Apparel Diet Website

Well, I am officially on the roster of participants for The Great American Apparel Diet. I'm really excited about joining, and am looking forward to seeing where all this leads. Here's the link to my first post on the GAAD website:

Hola from Buenos Aires, Argentina (by way of D.C. and L.A.)

I am enjoying reading the posts from other readers on the diet because I don't feel so alone. There are other people in the world who buy way the hell too many clothes! It takes the guilt away. I've found that guilt makes me feel worse about myself, which makes me want to shop as a way to lick my wounded ego.

Another thing that came up for me is the whole "diet" idea. Again, another way to feel guilty. Seriously, who loves dieting? Who thinks it's fun? How sustainable is it throughout one's life? I prefer to call this a cleansing exercise or regimen, or maybe even a gratitude exercise. Gratitude for the abundance you already have.

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