Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

I really miss the holidays at home.  In my northeast US holiday fantasy, it's cold, I'm wearing a great outfit that keeps me warm, there's a dog running around in the yard, a tree that has been recently decorated, and a meal about to be put on the table by a super talented cook.  

When I moved here, I decided to begin my own Thanksgiving tradition by hosting a potluck at home.  This year?  Nah.  Too freaking lazy.  We're going to an Italian restaurant that we've recently discovered in Barrio Norte, and I'm having octopus carpaccio and a plate of roasted Patagonian lamb.  Why stress by having to entertain and feed people when I can be entertained and fed? 

Still, it's always nice to stop and count one's blessings, which, in my case, have been many.  Here are my top 10 reasons why I'm grateful this year, in no particular order:

1) Discovering that I feel sooo much better without eating wheat products.
2) Marcelo.  Great guy, very supportive, just what I needed to become the person I am today.  Sometimes, he drives me crazy, but I've learned about committment and love with him.  Can't beat that.
3) My Dad. This is going to read kind of twisted, but if it hadn't been for my parents' divorce, I would have never gotten to know the great person that is my Dad.  I just love him so much. 
4) My analyst.  Because I'm crazy, and she's been there for me for the past 9 freaking years.  I couldn't have done half the crazy things I've done if I hadn't known she was going to be there to still think I was still loveable.
5) Organic butter.  I've missed you, and I'm so glad I've found you again! So nice to eat it and not feel guilty anymore. 
6) Not having to worry about money anymore. 
7) Learning that, even though I don't have to worry about money anymore, I don't have to give into the impulse to spend it.  BIG ONE.
8) Being a property owner.  Having my name on something as big as an apartment is pretty darn cool. 
9) Being a few months away from getting my permanent DNI!!!!!  At freaking last!
10) Learning how to let things go that don't  work for me anymore. 

With that, I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

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  1. I didn't know you have a blog, I'm going to become one of your followers... I'll tell Erica too.
    Happy Thanksgiving